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A deemster (lang-gv briw) is a judge in the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man High Court is presided over by a deemster or the Judge of Appeal. The deemsters also promulgate the Laws on Tynwald Day by reading them out to the people in English and Manx.
Previously the First and Second Deemsters had seats in the Legislative Council of the Isle of Man. The Second Deemster was removed by the Isle of Man Constitution (Amendment) Act 1965 and the First Deemster was removed by Isle of Man Constitution (Amendment) Act 1975.
There are only three full time judges or deemsters in the Isle of Man. These are the First Deemster and Clerk of the Rolls, who is also the Deputy Lieutenant Governor, the Second Deemster, and the Deputy Deemster.
The current Judges of the High Court of Justice, appointed by Queen Elizabeth II (on the advice of the UK's Secretary of State for Justice) are:
By virtue of being ex-officio Deputy Governor, the First Deemster acts in place of the Lieutenant Governor during a vacancy in that office.
Unlike judges in the United Kingdom, Manx judges have no security of tenure, and thus legal protection against dismissal by the government. The process whereby the appointment and removal of Manx judges occurs on the formal advice of United Kingdom politicians is seen as an effective alternative.

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